Another solid day in my new mate Roger’s workshop on the F1. Fingers crossed hoping to get it into Vinning and WOF end of this next week. Today it was degreasing and water blasting chassis. Got it clean as a whistle and then sprayed clear over it.

Also the brakes are nearly done. We took the front clip off and cleaned the motor a bit. I sanded the cab creating a neat primer/bare metal/patina look instead of the ‘rust look’.

Roger had fixed the universals, is sorting the generator, we’ve created new tray and body mounts etc. I’ve also had new tinted glass cut and the seat is being reupholstered. I pickup the seat and wheels after work on Tuesday.

Next week Roger is finishing brakes, wiring, wheels, exhaust, new shocks, reinstalling front clip, aligning panels, fixing a hole in the floor, sorting generator, reinstalling glass, patching a chassis x-member, getting motor running, rewiring and testing everything…

coming along! Thanks Roger!

IMG_7260  IMG_7259IMG_7258IMG_7249IMG_7248IMG_7261IMG_7250IMG_7255IMG_7262

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